Weekly Course Schedule

Dreaming Spires has been serving the home learning community for over a decade. One of our former students said recently, "You were doing online courses before online courses were cool."

Our Courses page includes links to all the 30-week courses we're running next year. See our Tutors page for biographies of each of the tutors.

See below for a graphical version of our weekly course schedule for 2022-2023, as well as the same information in list form. If you were looking for our academic calendar with term dates, holidays, and seasonal time changes, then please click here.

NOTE: The times that are listed below show when the course is running using Central Standard and UK time to help people compare against the time zone where they live, so if you see that it starts at 9 am Central Time, that is exactly the same course in the UK that, for their time zone, is 3 pm. In other words, there are not two class times.


8am CST/2pm UK -- General Science with Kimberly Jones

10am CST/4pm UK -- Middle Ages Lit with Kat Patrick (Add-on till 11:30am/5:30pm)

11:30am CST/5:30pm UK -- Biology with Kimberly Jones (Add-on lab till 1pm/7pm)

Noon CST/6pm UK -- Latin 1 with Alison Samuels (Add-on till 1:30pm/7:30pm)

1pm CST/7pm UK -- American Lit with Kat Patrick (Research Papers till 2:30pm/8:30pm)


8am CST/2pm UK -- French 2 with Joel Baker (Add-on conversation till 9:30am/3:30pm)

9:30am CST/3:30pm UK -- British Novel with Kat Patrick (Add-on till 11:00am/5:00pm)

10:30am CST/4:30pm UK -- Spanish 2 with Joel Baker (Add-on conversation till noon/6pm)

11am CST/5pm UK -- Creative Writing A with Jackie Pavlenko (Poetry in English till 12:30pm/6:30pm)

Noon CST/6pm UK -- History of Art 1: The Power of Looking: Paintings with Jenny Wells

12:30 CST/6:30pm UK -- Physics with Kimberly Jones

1pm CST/7pm UK -- Mythology & Religion of Greece and Rome with Alison Samuels (Add-on till 2:30/8:30pm)


8am CST/2pm UK -- History of Art 3: Master of Looking with Jenny Wells

8am CST/2pm UK -- French 1 with Joel Baker (Conversation Add-on till 9:30/3:30)

9am CST/3pm UK -- History: Middle Earth with Yvonne Mason - FULL: No more space

10am CST/4pm UK --  Creative Writing B with Jackie Pavlenko (Add-on till 11:30pm/5:30pm)

10am CST/4pm UK -- Renaissance Lit with Kat Patrick (Add-on till 11:30/5:30)

11am CST/5pm UK -- Spanish 1 with Joel Baker (Conversation Add-on till 12:30pm/6:30 pm)

Noon CST/6pm UK -- Economics with Helen Harrold (Add-on till 1:30pm/7:30pm)

1pm CST/7pm UK -- The Homeric World with Alison Samuels (Add-on till 2:30/8:30pm)


7am CST/1pm UK -- Astronomy A with Sandra Bird

8am CST/2pm UK -- French Level Three with Joel Baker

9:30am CST/3:30pm UK -- History: Longbows and Roses with Yvonne Mason

10:30am CST/4:30pm UK -- Spanish Level Three with Joel Baker

11am CST/5pm UK -- Theatre Studies with Jenny Wells

Noon CST/6pm UK -- Geography 1: Global Environments with Sandra Bird

1pm CST/7pm UK -- Geometry with Robert Leese


8am CST/2pm UK -- History of Art 2: The Power of Looking Widely: Painting, Sculpture and Architecture with Jenny Wells

10am CST/4pm UK -- Geography Two: Skills for Discovery with Sandra Bird

11am CST/5pm UK -- Chemistry with Kimberly Jones (Add-on lab till 12:30pm/6:30pm)

1pm CST/7pm UK -- Algebra 2 with Robert Leese

2pm CST/8pm UK -- Astronomy B with Sandra Bird