UK Exam Crammer Courses

Timetable and Registration for Jan 2024 now Published

Our six sessions of weekly live webinars are starting the week of the 22nd of January, 2024. 

What are the crammers like?

All our crammers follow a similar format: six weekly live sessions of approximately one hour each where the tutor shares:
  • tips and tricks, tools, and ideas for self study, 
  • a careful look at past papers to include setting and marking homework, 
  • further revision links,
  • and an opportunity to sit a complete mock exam at home which will be marked. 

Don't forget that Kat Patrick has a revision guide for 

CAIE IGCSE English Language 0990/0500

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Crammer Courses January-March 2024

  1. CAIE Geography IGCSE 0460/0976 - Mrs Bird - Wednesdays 4 pm UK - Worried about horrible hypotheses?  Confused by cross-sections?  The IGCSE Geography crammer course will take an in-depth look at each of the exam papers.  Your tutor will use her 27 years of experience as an examiner to show you the pitfalls and help you to maximize your points scoring potential.
  2. CAIE English Language IGCSE 0500/0990 - Dr Patrick - Thursdays 3 pm UK  
  3. CAIE English Literature IGCSE 0475/0992 - Dr Patrick - Thursdays 6 pm UK - focusing on Papers 1, 3, and 4, the texts that are planned are Rebecca/Great Expectations, the poetry anthology Songs of Ourselves Volume 1, Part 4, and Midsummer Night's Dream. Others can be catered to by request.
  4. Edexcel French IGCSE, 4SP1 - Mr Baker - Tuesdays 11 am UK
  5. Edexcel Spanish IGCSE, 4FR1 - Mr Baker - Thursdays 11 am UK
  6. OCR Classical Civilisation GCSE J199 - Tuesdays 2 pm UK
  7. OCR/Edexcel/AQA GCSE Higher Maths* - Mrs Harrold - Mondays 10 am UK
  8. OCR/Edexcel/AQA GCSE Foundation Maths* - Mrs Harrold - Mondays 11:15 am UK

Registration is now open (from Oct 2023)

*The crammers in mathematics will be going over the types of problems that are found across the exam boards, but the mocks will be set in the style of paper that the student is planning to sit in the real thing.