Full Year Courses

Explore the wide variety of full-year (30 week) courses offered at Dreaming Spires Home Learning by clicking on the links to each course information page below.


Middle Ages Literature (add-on writing available)
Renaissance Literature (add-on writing available)
British Novels (add-on writing available)
American Literature (this is can be taken as an add-on to AmLit or stand alone)

Creative Writing

Poetry in English (this is can be taken as an add-on to creative writing or stand alone)


French Level One (add-on conversation available)
French Level Two (add-on conversation available)
Spanish Level One (add-on conversation available)
Spanish Level Two (add-on conversation available)


Biology (add-on lab available)
Chemistry (add-on lab available)



History of Art 3: Master of Looking (add-on writing available)

Social Studies

Classical History: The World of Homer (add-on writing available)
Economics (add-on writing available)