Dreaming Spires Home Learning is run by homeschooling parents, so we know all about the difficulties of affording good tuition for our children. For that reason, we aim to keep the costs of our courses as low as possible while giving you both value for money and the chance to have live tutors.

As we grow to offer more courses, we're finding that students often want to register for several subjects, so we offer discount opportunities that are especially family friendly!

Any registration of at least 3 courses will receive a 5% discount on each main course; more than 5 courses, you can have a 10% discount off each one, no matter how many different family members are included.

Referring others to Dreaming Spires will result in an Amazon gift card equal to 1/2 a reservation fee if they enroll. These are sent out once the withdrawal period is over in October. You can have as many as you have "earned", and your referral doesn't even have to be for the Dreaming Spires courses that your family is doing. Just make sure the people you've referred remember to put your name in the space for it on the registration form.

30-week Main Course for 2022-2023 (current as of 1st May 2022)

$485/£365 each course*
Add-On extensions $205/£155

*Each course will be assessed a non-refundable $40/£30 reservation fee. If, for whatever reason, the courses are not working out for you before the end of September, you can withdraw for full fees less this $40/£30 fee. More details are included on the invoice that is emailed to you after registering via the form.

6-week Summer Course 2022

$150/£120 each course

CAIE Exam Crammers 2022

Fees for the Spring/Summer 2022 exam crammer courses will be £120 per course. This year, we're teaching English Language, English Literature, Classical Civilisation and Geography. 
For more info, see here.

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Once you register for the course/s, we will email you an invoice with details of how to pay. Presently, we accept US echecks through a secure pay portal (link will be provided on your invoice), and direct bank transfers in the UK because they are easy, safe, and free. Other currencies or foreign payments are arranged on a case by case basis.