Academic Calendar

The calendar below gives an overview of term dates, holiday breaks, and special circumstances such as seasonal time changes. If you were looking for the weekly course schedule, then click here.

Calendar for 2021-2022

Week 1 begins Starts the week of Sept 13th, 2021
Weeks 2-6 Sept 20th-Oct 22nd
BREAK No webinars during the week of Oct 25th. Homework is due the day before the Week 7 webinar.
Week 7 Time Change Starts Nov 1st, 2021
Note: the UK "falls back" on Oct 31st, so timings for Week 7 may be different than normal. Students outside of the UK should check their country's time difference against London's GMT time zone (for example, US classes will meet one hour later this week).
Week 8-13 - back to normal Nov 8th-Dec 17th
CHRISTMAS BREAK BEGINS No webinars from Dec 18th to Jan 10th. Homework is due the day before the Week 14 webinar.
Week 14 Starts the week of Jan 10th, 2022
Weeks 15-22 Jan 17th-Mar 13th
Weeks 23-24 Time Change Jan 17th-Mar 13th
Note: the US "springs forward" on March 13th, whereas the UK changes clocks on the 27th, so US students will meet one hour later for the webinars in Weeks 23 and 24.
Weeks 25-26 - back to normal March 28th-April 8th
EASTER BREAK BEGINS No webinars from April 11th to April 22nd. Homework is due the day before the Week 27 webinar.
Weeks 27-31 - back to normal April 25th-May 20th
"SNOW WEEK" IF NEEDED May 23rd-27th, 2022
Course websites and the all-user forum will continue to be open for student accounts until the end of June. Most certificates will be sent out during this time as well, though some tutors are examiners and may be delayed due to responsibilities to the exam boards.