Summer Courses

Our summer classes are great for homeschoolers who are preparing for high school in the US or exams in the UK, a chance to sample a subject before doing a deep dive for the coming year.

All courses will meet an hour weekly for six weeks starting the week of 28th of June and running through the week of the 2nd of August. There will be the usual reliance on living books and some homework to ensure good participation, and at the end of which, a certificate will be awarded.

The course schedule for summer 2022 will be published closer to the time, but here is a list of courses taking place in summer 2021 to give an idea of what we offer. See our fees page for updates on how much the cost will be for next year's summer courses.

Summer 2021 Courses

Spotlight on Mathematics: Fun With Probability
Spotlight on History: The World of Tolkien
Spotlight on English: A Tale of Two Cities
Spotlight on Art History: da Vinci
Spotlight on Science: Climate Change and Environment Crisis
Spotlight on Geography: A Canter Round Capricorn
Spotlight on Creative Writing
Spotlight on Classical History: How to be an Emperor