CAIE English Language IGCSE Exam Crammer

Course Length: Six weeks, taught 2 times in the year - summer, spring
Next Course July-August 2024: Tuesdays with Kat Patrick at 11 am CST/5 pm UK
Course Format: Sessions are taught live, online, and recorded for playback. Marked mocks offered.

About General Exam Prep at Dreaming Spires

From time to time, our experienced IGCSE and A-level examiners at Dreaming Spires will run short crammer courses in addition to the longer, more detailed year-long courses that closely align with syllabi published by exam boards.

Year-Long Option: All the English courses have been designed by an examiner to prepare students for English Language and English literature IGCSEs and even A-level, but specifically, Middle Ages Literature covers tasks found on the CAIE 0500/0990 exams, and Renaissance Literature's writing extension teaches how to write in a way that's required for the 0475/0992 exam.

Six-Week Crammer OptionThese 1-hour live, online revision sessions teach tips and tricks for tackling the exam via close study of past exam papers, and include a live, invigilated, marked mock. 

Revision Guide

Dr. Patrick has also published a self-study revision guide for the English Language CAIE exam with more tips and examples, which can be purchased here. The current version has a green cover.

Who Teaches This Exam Crammer?

Dr. Kat Patrick now resides in her home state of Texas with her four children, all of whom are Dreaming Spires students. Before that, she lived for 25 years in England. Her background includes an MA from Durham (UK), a PhD from Delaware (US), and a UK PGCE teaching certificate, all in the subject of English. She continues to examine for both the Cambridge Assessment International Education and Oxford, Cambridge, RSA examinations boards for both IGCSE and A-level. Her revision guide is available to purchase via Amazon.