Wednesday, 18 April 2018

In Praise of Organic Learning

At Dreaming Spires Home Learning, we use this term "organic learning" a lot when describing our style of teaching.

We're talking "organic" here!

What exactly does that look like? Here's a video with some thoughts, but also, and invitation to share your ideas, too. After all, we're all homeschooling parents, and learning from each other is key to our own family's growth.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Early Bird Registration is NOW OPEN for 2018-2019

Register now for autumn 2018-2019 for our unique, online courses taught live for homeschooled teens worldwide.  Get discounts now via our Early Bird period that runs until May 31st, 2018.

Oh, the excitement!!

Paying the registration fee for your chosen courses during the Early Bird Period will secure your place and entitle you to course fees at last year's rates.*

For full information, please refer to the Fees page of the website. This especially applies if you have used Early Bird registration in the past since the fee structure changed last year.

*Full balance due by September 1st.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Proposed Dates for 2018-2019

I've been looking ahead to plot the next academic year and thought I'd share how we get 30 weeks into our year while enjoying generous blocks of holiday!

Date Event
Sept 10th 2018 First week of Term
October 22nd 2018 This week is a holiday for Autumn Break
October 29th 2018 Classes resume this week
December 10th 2018 This is the last week of class before Christmas Break
Dec 17th - Jan 6th Christmas Break
January 7th 2019 Classes resume this week
April 15th 2019 Start of Easter break for 2 weeks
April 29th 2019 Classes resume this week
May 13th 2019 Last week of classes before the end of the academic year

Don't forget: Early Bird Registration is April 1st: reserve your spot in one of our small classes for only the $40 registration fee.

Siblings aim for extra-credit on their Biology lab

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Meet our Newest Tutor and History Teacher

Welcome to our newest tutor at Dreaming Spires Home Learning: a specialist in modern history, Yvonne Mason is a well-known online tutor amongst home-educated high schoolers in the UK, and we are so pleased that she is able to join us next year for a fascinating course about World War 1 and World War 2.

Yvonne will teach Modern History

She took her undergraduate degree in English Language and Literature, then an MA in history from Royal Holloway in London while working as a costumed historical interpreter at the Tower of London. She has been working as an online tutor since 2001 in both English and history, home educates her own daughter, and in her spare time, is an avid embroiderer. She has plans to study for a PhD in Medieval Studies very soon.

Thursday, 8 February 2018


The title says it all ... we are publishing our tentative timetable for the next academic year, unveiling our newest course offerings like chemistry, French, modern history, and creative writing.

The year that packs a punch!

Registrations will open for our Early Bird period over Easter weekend, when registration fees will hold your place for the course of your choice. Last year, most of our courses filled up by the middle of May, so put a reminder on your calendar so you don't miss out!

English Renaissance: KP  8 am  CST / 2 pm UK 
English Middle Ages : JP      8 am  CST / 2 pm  UK 
Ancient History Rome:  AS 8 am  CST / 2 pm  UK 
English British Novel: KP      8 am  CST / 2 pm  UK 

Spanish 1 : JB will meet at   9 am  CST /3 pm  UK  
Spanish 2:  JB will meet at  9 am  CST / 3 pm  UK  

Modern History: 1914-1945: The Road to War YM 10 am CST/4 pm UK 
French 1: JB will meet at 10:30 am  CST / 4:30 pm  UK  
French 2: JB will meet at 10:30 am CST / 4:30 pm UK  
Biology KJ at 10 am CST/ 4 pm UK
General Science  KJ at 11 am CST/ 5 pm UK
Creative Writing:  JP noon CST/6 pm UK
English British Novel:  JP noon CST/6 pm UK

English Middle Ages KP    1 pm  CST / 7 pm  UK 
Ancient History Greek:  AS      1 pm  CST / 7 pm  UK 

Two courses, same time
Chemistry  KJ at 1 pm CST/    7 pm UK

English American Lit: KP          1 pm  CST / 7 pm  UK 

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Start the Year Afresh with Mid-term Entries at Dreaming Spires

If you've got tired of your curriculum already, if you're new to home education and looking for something to inspire you, or you just think it's time your teen buckled down and started working harder, then Dreaming Spires Home Learning may be your answer.

Are your current studies leaving you cold???
Let Dreaming Spires warm you up!

We offer live and online courses and accept mid-term entries for January, so your child can jump into our New Year units with any of our subjects, whether Spanish or Biology, Ancient History or English Literature and Composition.

Jump into our courses at mid-term!

We've been allowing people to join us mid-year since we first began, and nearly 100% stay with our programme for two-, three-, or four-plus years, so we know it ends up being more of a long-term love affair with our approach to studying, than a short-term quick-fix.

Get in touch today about registering for courses - we'll kick off the new year during the week of 8th of January, 2018. All classes will take a couple of students so the timetable is completely open.