Spotlight on Business: Chocolate and the Chocolate Factory


Course Length: Six weeks

2024 Schedule: Wednesdays with Helen Harrold at 9am CST/3pm UK.

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About Spotlight on Business: 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Are you a chocolate enthusiast? Do you have an affinity for chocolate? Is it too outlandish to even ask?

Join us on a delightful summer journey into the intricate world of chocolate. For over 150 years, the Chocolate Wars have been waged, chronicled meticulously in Deborah Cadbury's book, "Chocolate Wars." These wars symbolize the fierce competition among the world's chocolate giants, from Hershey and Cadbury to Milka and Lindt to Nestle and Mars. Each brand competes vigorously for your loyalty, creating a delicious narrative of Quaker capitalists and global businesses..

But chocolate's influence doesn't end there. We'll also explore its portrayal in both literature and film. Take, for example, Roald Dahl's timeless masterpiece, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Since its publication in 1964, Dahl's enchanting tale has captured the hearts of readers worldwide. This r served as the inspiration for "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." Prepare for an engaging discussion as we dissect and compare the book and its cinematic adaptation.

So, whether you're a chocolate connoisseur or simply intrigued by its cultural significance, this course promises a delectable exploration into the world of chocolate, its history, and its enduring influence on literature and cinema.

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Helen Harrold
 completed her Economics degree at Lancaster University and then did a post graduate teaching qualification. She currently tutors GCSE maths, AP Economics and is a UK consultant for an American high school program . Whilst living in the UK, she has homeschooled her own 7 children using the American curriculum: so has straddled both the UK and US systems.
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