Timetable for 2021-2022


So many cool things that are new for 2021, like geometry and astronomy, a new course about Homer with our resident classicist, an anatomy and physiology, and a second art appreciation for those who are wanting to delve more into art history later, or even hone their observational skills for science and medicine in the future.

Our Course Description page includes links to all the courses we're running next year as well as biographies of each of the tutors. 

If you want to see the timetable that we are running currently with our students for 2020-2021, see the link here: Timetable 2020-2021.

NOTE: The times that are listed below show when the course is running using Central Standard and UK time to help people compare against the time zone where they live, so if you see that it starts at 9 am Central Time, that is exactly the same course in the UK that, for their time zone, is 3 pm. In other words, there are not two class times.