Course Descriptions

You'll see below the photo that there's a list of all our courses by subject heading. Click on the course name in red and you'll be taken to its details.

You can always watch video descriptions of most courses if you go to our video page on the website or find our channel on youtube

English Language and Literature (taught by Dr Kat Patrick)
All English courses have an optional writing extension

Creative Writing  (taught by Jackie Pavlenko) - this year, both creative writing courses are all-age combined; the only difference is the time they're being taught, so you can choose from either.
All creative writing courses have an optional poetry extension

Geography (taught by Sandra Bird)

Art History (taught by Jenny Wells)

French (taught by Joel Baker)
French 1 and 2 have an optional conversation extension

Spanish (taught by Joel Baker)
Spanish 1 and 2 have an optional conversation extension
Biology and Chemistry have an optional lab experiment extension

Please click first on the "science" heading for a general introduction, then on the separate courses on the "Science" page
  • General Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Conceptual Physics

Classical History (taught by Alison Samuels)

History (taught by Yvonne Mason)

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