Why "CM-Inspired"?

If you are a Charlotte Mason person - that is, someone who is inspired by and perhaps even a devotee of the Charlotte Mason method - then you will hopefully be excited to find online courses for high schoolers that use her principles at the heart of our programs.

Miss Mason's Volume 6 is key to our Curriculum at DSHL

What may be confusing, however, is that we say that we're CM "inspired".

This does not mean that we're any less CM, but that we recognize a true Charlotte Mason household is going to study a wide variety of subjects during the course of the day, focusing on each one for about 20 minutes, and spreading those studies over a year, two years, maybe even more.

This is how I run my OWN homeschool with my four children. You can see a glimpse of our CM-homeschool in action in this article from The Telegraph, a national newspaper from the UK that featured our family in a piece about the lifestyle of home education.


(As an aside, you may need to know that the "SATs" they mention are national "common core" exams for primary school, not the S-A-Ts that we take for college entry in the US)

So I know what a CM household is going to look like: something a bit like mine.

However, back in 2012, I hit a point in our homeschooling career when my daughter was ready to really grow and expand as a scholar. I decided to expand with her, and using my experience as a CM practitioner at home and all my professional experience as an English specialist, teacher, UK examiner, I began adapting CM for online English Literature and Composition courses for a worldwide clientele.

Now I run four years' worth of English to support anyone's high school curriculum, and have added hand-picked tutors in several other subjects who share both my passion for excellence and my vision for CM-inspired college prep courses.

Speaking at the CM Conversations' UK Conference, 2017

I just want to be clear: at Dreaming Spires, we're not trying to re-create a CM high school. We are using Miss Mason's principles while aiming for our modern quest for university entry, and to do that, we incorporate reading only whole books, spreading the reading throughout the week, expecting at least one written narration, posing thought-provoking questions that often have more than one answer or a personal response, encouraging copywork, and in short, working to light the fire rather than fill the bucket.

So please don't let our tagline of "Inspired by the Charlotte Mason method" fool you. We want to partner with your CM household as you feel the need for college preparation that's beyond the pale.

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