Spotlight on Entrepreneurship: We Bought a Zoo


Course Length: Six weeks

2024 Schedule: Mondays with Helen Harrold at 10am CST/4pm UK.

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About Spotlight on Entrepreneurship: 

We Bought a Zoo

In order to run a zoo, you would first of all have to buy one. Where can I go to buy a zoo? Once I have my zoo, I need to fill it with animals- from cheetahs to chimpanzees, from lions to lamas- what shall I choose? 

And then how do I look after them and feed them? Meat for the cheetahs and hay for the lamas? It will probably be a good idea to not put the lions in the same pen as the tigers. I think they’d fight!

After I have all my animals in place, I’d better work out how to get people to come to my zoo. I’ll need to advertise it and sell the tickets. 

An intriguing look into the business of running a zoo using Benjamin Mee's We Bought a Zoo (Harper 2012). We’ll look at how to set up a business, the marketing, revenue and costs of food, buildings and wages… and of course the wages of the zoo keepers. 

Don’t watch the movie until you've done the course!

Who Teaches Entrepreneurship?

Helen Harrold
 completed her Economics degree at Lancaster University and then did a post graduate teaching qualification. She currently tutors GCSE maths, AP Economics and is a UK consultant for an American high school program . Whilst living in the UK, she has homeschooled her own 7 children using the American curriculum: so has straddled both the UK and US systems.
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