Spotlight on Art History: Anime

Course Length: Six weeks
2023 Schedule: Mondays with Jenny Wells at 10 am CST/4pm UK.

About Summer Courses at Dreaming Spires

Our summer classes are great for homeschoolers who are preparing for high school in the US or exams in the UK, a chance to sample a subject before doing a deep dive for the coming year.

All courses will meet an hour weekly for six weeks. There will be the usual reliance on living books and some homework to ensure good participation, and at the end a certificate will be awarded.

About Spotlight on Art History: Anime

Anime hit Western viewers' consciousness in the 1980s with the film 'Akira' and its profile was enhanced in the 1990s with the spread of the Pokemon from the first handheld games in 1996. Anime embraces many narrative frameworks and goes well beyond film with its own distinctive culture dating back to 1720. We are going to explore Anime, looking at its origins in manga, its birth as film and then the successive 'golden eras' and iconic leading figures such as Marmoru Oshii and Hayao Miyazaki. From robots to mythic creatures such as Ponyo, we will encounter blockbuster characters and some lesser known ones such as Doraemon, the time travelling cat. We will play with storylines and make our own cartoons (either drawn, or with an online resource) exploring what students have learnt. Please note, this class does not teach drawing skills but will support ideas on storyboards and graphic retellings and templates.

Who Teaches Spotlight on Art History: Anime?

Jenny Wells holds a degree in History of Art and English from the University of York, and an MA from the Open University. She home educated her children, and has been teaching History of Art and English GCSE and A Levels at an independent Oxford sixth form college for over twelve years, including being an A level examiner for History of Art. She has a special interest in teaching and encouraging students with specific learning needs.
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