Spotlight on Geography: A Canter Round Capricorn

Course Length: Six weeks
2023 Schedule: Tuesdays with Ms. Bird at 1pm CST/7pm UK.

About Summer Courses at Dreaming Spires

Our summer classes are great for homeschoolers who are preparing for high school in the US or exams in the UK, a chance to sample a subject before doing a deep dive for the coming year.

All courses will meet an hour weekly for six weeks. There will be the usual reliance on living books and some homework to ensure good participation, and at the end a certificate will be awarded.

About A Canter Round Capricorn

Geography Summer School will take us along the Tropic of Capricorn, crossing Africa, then Australia and South America. We will be learning about ten countries and discussing some of the issues that they are facing including indigenous people, resource exploitation, environmental degradation and drought. 

Who Teaches A Canter Round Capricorn?

Sandra Bird has a degree in Combined Science from Sheffield University and taught geography for a number of years before home educating her two daughters. She has 26 years of experience as a geography examiner, including being principal examiner for 14 of them. Her Blog About Britain website is a free resource for UK geography. This website also hosts her shop for homeschooling resources, Ichthus Resources, which has been serving the community since 2003.
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