STEM Courses

Dreaming Spires Science and Math: Getting Real

The primary aim for our STEM courses is to show how science and math are more than just facts and formulae to be memorized, but skill sets to acquire and put into practice. Both tutors come from the world of work where their studies had wide-ranging application, and their desire is to see the subject come to life for their students.
Science and mathematics should inspire wonder. 
In other words, the courses are about the very foundations of the subjects, the concepts that, once mastered, opens up possibilities of excellence.

Our line-up for this year includes four sciences: General Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and our mathematics course is Algebra 2 with Probability.

We avoid textbooks where we can, using modern, well-written and engaging books instead: books such as The Hot Zone, A Briefer History of Time, Napoleon’s Buttons, and Gardner's book of mathematical puzzles.

These books are the stuff that debates are made of. Students value the chance to discuss real issues of the day, to think about ethical dilemmas and scientific principles, and in math, work their way through the logic of various game theories, conundrums, and paradoxes.

When it comes to science labs, we demonstrate as many as we can because some of our students are living in Africa or other countries where supplies are hard to come by; however, we also provide easy-to-follow instructions for doing labs at home, too.

It should be noted that our Biology course contains a short unit at the end of the year where different traditions of earth's origins are explained. The purpose is simply informational.

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