Foreign Language

Dreaming Spires Foreign Language: Getting Real

The primary aim for our Foreign Language department is to guide your teen to a level of mastery where fluid - if not fluent - conversation is possible, and to set up general principles of foreign-language study that can be transferred to other languages should your child want to pursue them.
At Dreaming Spires, the emphasis is on practical application
We offer both French and Spanish for three full years, thus giving your child a chance to start as a complete beginner and move up through our program to levels needed for exams, whether it be CLEP or even the international exam from Spain.

Often, families aren’t sure exactly where to place a student if there has been some engagement with the language already, so we always encourage parents to contact us for one of our placement tests.

Whichever level you opt for, all our courses are conducted the same way: there is a one-hour live webinar with the tutor and various exercises assigned during the week that usually include verb drills and adding new vocabulary, preparing presentations, regular one-on-ones with the tutors, and practice partnerships where conversation is put into practice.

For 2019-2020, there will be an add-on option for more conversation opportunities for the beginner courses in French and Spanish. See our page about add-ons.

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