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Dreaming Spires Home Learning is run by homeschooling parents, so we know all about the difficulties of affording good tuition for our children. For that reason, we aim to keep the costs of our courses as low as possible while giving you both value for money and hand-picked specialists as tutors.

As we grow to offer more courses, we're finding that students often want to register for several subjects, so we offer discount opportunities that are especially family friendly!

Any registration of at least 3 courses will receive a 5% discount on each main course; more than 5 courses, you can have a 10% discount off each one, no matter how many different family members are included. Referrals, too, receive discounts.

  • Main Course  (any literature course; Ancient History, Spanish or Biology) $380 each course for the year*
  • Add-On Composition extension (literature and Ancient History) $150 more for an additional 1/2 credit.

In other words, your child could have a full academic year's worth of heavy-duty, hard-hitting, solid tuition in up to four core subjects that not only look super on a transcript, but also enhance cultural literacy, writing skills, and study habits for years to come.

But my own kids just think it's fun! They make some really good friends, and having an on-line peer group keeps them motivated and challenged.

Please note: there is a non-refundable reservation fee of $40 per course to be paid upon receipt of the invoice. This is to hold your place on the course of your choice.

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