This is a list of our 2019-2020 courses at Dreaming Spires Home Learning with links to their pages (click on the name in red listed below) where there is more info about each one. Our YouTube channel has detailed interviews with tutors about their courses as well.

All our courses meet one day a week, and most are one hour. If you opt for a course with an add-on extension, the add-on meets right after the main class for an additional 1/2 hour.

All times are listed in Central Standard Time/UK Clock Time (right now, that's British Summer Time).

This list is in timetable order. The timetable as an image is recreated below the list so you can see the courses at a glance.

8 am/2 pm British Novels (add-on finishes 9:30/3:30) - WAITING LIST ONLY 
9 am/3 pm Chemistry
10 am/4 pm Middle Ages History (Longbows and Roses)
11 am/5 pm General Science
1 pm/7 pm Renaissance Lit (add-on finishes 2:30 pm/8:30 pm) - WAITING LIST ONLY 

8 am/2 pm French 1 (add-on finishes 9:30/3:30)
9 am/3 pm Middle Ages Literature (add-on finishes 10:30/4:30) - WAITING LIST ONLY 
10:30 am/4:30 pm Spanish 1 (add-on finishes noon/6 pm)
noon/6 pm Creative Writing Under 14WAITING LIST ONLY 
1 pm/7 pm New Testament Life and Language (add-on finishes 2:30 pm/8:30 pm)

7 am/1 pm French 3
8 am/2 pm Ancient History: Greece (add-on finishes 9:30/3:30)
9:30 am/3:30 pm Conceptual Physics
10:30 am/4:30 pm Spanish 3
noon/6 pm Creative Writing 14 and over
1 pm/7 pm Art History (add-on finishes 2:30 pm/8:30 pm)

9 am/3 pm Spanish 2 (add-on finishes 10:30/4:30)
10 am/4 pm Biology
11 am/5 pm World Wars History
1 pm/7 pm American Literature (add-on finishes 2:30 pm/8:30 pm)

9 am/3 pm French 2 (add-on finishes 10:30/4:30)
10 am/4 pm Geography
1 pm/7 pm Advanced Algebra and Probability

Here is the calendar of dates for the year:

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