Spotlight on Mathematics: Fun With Probability

Course Length: Six weeks
2022 Schedule: Tuesdays with Dr. Leese at 1 p.m. CST/7 p.m. UK.

About Summer Courses at Dreaming Spires

Our summer classes are great for homeschoolers who are preparing for high school in the US or exams in the UK, a chance to sample a subject before doing a deep dive for the coming year.

All courses will meet an hour weekly for six weeks. There will be the usual reliance on living books and some homework to ensure good participation, and at the end a certificate will be awarded.

About Spotlight on Mathematics: Fun With Probability

Dr. Leese is excited about how students can learn to recognize and understand mathematics in problems that we see all around us, from burglar alarms to soccer penalty kicks and even toppings on pancakes. He wants students to realize that it's not about a formula where you plug in numbers, but about patterns, principles, and most of all, being able to explain what's going on in sentences rather than just equations.

This course is accessible to anyone who has mastered Algebra 1, but is unlike any mathematics course out there, and deliberately so: Dr. Leese can see how these kinds of data analytics issues are the future of the subject, and he wants his handful of homeschooled students to be at the forefront of innovation in the next few decades.

Who Teaches Spotlight on Mathematics: Fun With Probability?

Dr Robert Leese has taught mathematics at one of the most prestigious universities in the world for over 25 years, and is CTO in a systems engineering company. He sees a role for himself in conveying mathematics as a set of analytical skills instead of a collection of facts and formulae that few students know what to do with. He's the father of four children whom he has homeschooled for over a decade, and is an avid collector and repairer of antique fountain pens.
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