Spotlight on Classical History: How to be an Emperor

Course Length: Six weeks
2022 Schedule: Tuesdays with Ms. Samuels at 9 a.m. CST/3 p.m. UK.

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Our summer classes are great for homeschoolers who are preparing for high school in the US or exams in the UK, a chance to sample a subject before doing a deep dive for the coming year.

All courses will meet an hour weekly for six weeks. There will be the usual reliance on living books and some homework to ensure good participation, and at the end a certificate will be awarded.

About Classical History: How to Be an Emperor

After decades of bloody civil war, Caius Julius Caesar Octavianus became the most powerful man in Rome. Then he became the Emperor Augustus, a legend in his lifetime and finally, a god. We have six weeks to watch this happen. This course is a basic introduction to Augustan Rome, suitable for any student 12+ who is interested in Classical History.

Who Teaches How to Be an Emperor?

Alison Samuels is a former home-educating mum and a graduate of St John's College, Cambridge. She was one of the first women admitted to her alma mater, when it stopped being for men only. Her long teaching experience includes more than 20 years as a Classics lecturer with the Open University.
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