Introduction -- Part 1 of Transitioning Your Homeschooled Teen to High School

This is the introduction to a series about how to start teaching your teenagers at a higher level than you may have been teaching them up till now.

Middle- to high-school might need re-think.

Families who educate their children at home come from all different countries, different cultures, different backgrounds, and yes, it’s a rare occurrence to find any two which go about this education in a similar way.

That being said, I think it's generally true that almost everyone takes one approach for their 11 and under children, and a rather different – if not radically different – approach for their teenagers.

In the US, it’s the time to start thinking about university, and the focus seems to be on the high school credit, or at least the skills one needs for higher education. In the UK (and often beyond), the pressure is on for an even earlier landmark: the age 16 exams known as GCSEs. Either way, there is an end-point in view that generally sends (even veteran) families casting around for a new plan.

Hittin' the books from 12+

Some may panic and put their kids back into school. Others might add tutoring, or free on-line courses, or sign up for a complete package; they may join a co-op; or simply go on a spending spree for all those books that their schooled peers are using.

All of this, however, is just window-dressing in my opinion. There are more important things about a teen’s education that need addressing first.

Decisions like finding a good routine, choosing quality materials, getting enough sleep, eating the right food, exercising, hitting on a good motivational approach, and turning off the electronics, will all go a long way toward a new, serious educational regime than simply trying to buy in or opt out.

In the weeks to come, I’ll cover each of these topics, explaining why they matter for your teen’s education, as well as giving tips for making the changes.


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