For September 2017, Dreaming Spires is introducing our first high-school level science course: Biology. Students on this course can be as young as 12, and can attract a full year's high school credit in a lab science.

Uniquely, this course is going to be offered twice on the same day, to accommodate students in almost every time zone around the globe! Check the timetable tab for more details.

This one looks like a fun guy!

What's more, the tutor of Dreaming Spires Science courses is in it for the long haul, planning to grow her course list year-on-year for a full, four-year program that will ensure your teen has the credits necessary for college entrance.

DSHL Biology emphasizes labs.

As all Dreaming Spires courses, Mrs Jones's Biology will be so much more than a box-ticking exercise: basing it on living books and bringing her experience as a practicing nurse to the table, she'll be looking to create credible scientists, even among those who don't count science as one of their favorite areas of study!

Here is the official course description: 

Dreaming Spires Biology will encourage students to observe and question the world around them.   We will explore Biology concepts through observation, vocabulary building, ethics and discussions of current events, using scientific methods and labs.  Concepts to be explored include different types of cells, how cells work and their organelles, cell reproduction, botany, animal classifications, genetics, and will include theories related to evolution, creation, and intelligent design.  Some of the books we will explore together include The Hot Zone by Richard Preston which will help understand why one’s understanding of cells and viruses is exciting and important.  We will be reading the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lack as we explore cell reproduction and cancer cells and how these concepts help us in our life today.  We will also be looking at the book, The Gene: An Intimate History by Siddhartha Mukherjee and The Hidden life of Trees by Peter Wohlenben.  

My goal is to light a fire of understanding of how science, and in particular biology, surround us in our daily life by exploring living books while learning about biology concepts.  Our high school students will leave the course with real-world understanding of biology concepts and how they pertain to them in the world, all while obtaining high school biology lab credit.

Real-life observation!

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