Timetable 2017-2018

Timetable 2017-2018

If you're already thinking ahead to next semester, let me tell you about some of the things we've got planned at Dreaming Spires for your homeschooled teen.

Rediscover the fun of learning
with Dreaming Spires!

Dreaming Spires timetable from September is as follows:

English Literature and Composition
Course Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Middle Ages Lit 8 am CST/2 pm UK full
noon CST/6 pm UK

American Lit

1 pm CST/7 pm UK

British Novel
NEW 8 am CST/2 pm UK 
1 pm CST/7 pm UK full


8 am CST/2 pm UK
Add-On Composition
Usually meet 1/2 hour after class
Classical Civilisation/Ancient History
Tuesday Wednesday
Roman History
1 pm CST/7 pm UK

Greek History

8 am CST/2 pm UK
Add-On Writing Extensions
Usually meet 1/2 hour after class

Biology with lab

SAME COURSE AT DIFFERENT TIMES: Biology A will be 12:45 pm CST/6:45 pm UK, and Biology B will be 7 pm CST/1 am UK to accommodate US, Asia, and Australia
Tuesday Wednesday
Spanish 2
9:30 am CST/3:30 pm UK

Spanish 1

10 am CST/ 4 pm UK

Keep in touch with us via social media for updates and items of interest!

Facebook = @dreamingspireshomelearning
Instagram = @dreaming_spires_home_learning
Twitter = @dreaminspiresHL

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