Got teens?

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Do you want to:

* prepare your teen for college?

* create some structure and motivation for your teen's homeschooling studies?

* achieve both expertise and excellence?

but you don't want to

- be tied to the computer all day, every day

- pay a lot of money

- be just a number at a nameless, faceless MOOC?

If this describes you, then you have landed on the right page!

DREAMING SPIRES HOME LEARNING ticks all these boxes, 
PLUS the interactive and social side means that your teens will find like-minded friends, 
and actually BEG to do their Dreaming Spires work!

Who is Dreaming Spires for?

Dreaming Spires is particularly aimed at secondary students (aged 11 to 18) who want structure on the one hand, but a chance to achieve self-directed learning on the other. The safe, interactive environment is motivating both in their studies and in the kind of social life that teenagers crave.

It's also an excellent choice for three kinds of parents:
  1. those who are thinking of putting their children back into high school because they don't think they can prepare their children for college; 
  2. those who want to see their children pushed, encouraged, and challenged to the utmost of their abilities, and get detailed records of their achievement afterwards; 
  3. and finally, those who want to see the spark come back to their children's eyes when they pick up a book, undertake a piece of writing, or discuss what they've been learning. 

What does Dreaming Spires mean?

"Dreaming Spires" was chosen by the company's founder, Dr Kat Patrick, because she started Dreaming Spires when she lived near Oxford in England, and this is the nickname of that beautiful city. Its spire-filled skyline is due to so many university chapels and other buildings of architectural interest. It also has an excellent academic reputation because of its ancient and world-renowned university, and our hope is the Dreaming Spires Home Learning will conjure of visions of excellence that we seek for your teens as well.

What next?

If you like what you see so far, then have a browse on the rest of the pages here, noting especially the different levels of attainment that you can choose from, as well as the different choices available in the subjects we cover.

Dreaming Spires Home Learning is offering a fabulous line-up for 2018! 

Not only are our tried-and-trusted English Literature and Language courses available (four eras), our two Ancient History courses, two levels of Spanish, and Biology, we have ADDED so much more!

New for this year is modern world history, French, creative writing, and even MORE science!

    You may use the Contact Form on the right for more information, or if you're on your mobile and the form doesn't appear, then email me at dreamingspireshomelearning <at> gmail <dot> com

    There is no commitment when you make enquiries, like us on Facebook, or use the email box on the right to subscribe our blog, and should you decide to register with us, the original outlay is a mere $40 registration fee, payable by bank transfer, Google wallet, or check.

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