Fees - Prices held till 1st May, 2017

Dreaming Spires Home Learning is run by moms who are homeschoolers themselves, so we know all about the difficulties of affording good tuition for our children. For that reason, we aim to keep the costs of our courses far below those of our competitors.

We're especially family-friendly, offering up to 50% discounts off the cost of main courses for siblings.*

We also rely on word-of-mouth for advertising, and so offer a 10% discount for any referral that leads to registration. There is no limit to your referrals, so with 10 friends, you would be able to get your course for free!

Main Course  (any literature course; Classical Civilisation, Spanish or Biology) $330 each
Add-On Composition extension (literature and Classical Civilisation) $110 more

  • These prices are being held only for the month of April 2017 during the Early Bird period: after 30th April, the fees will be increased for 2017-2108.

In other words, for $440 in total, your child could have a full academic year's worth of heavy-duty, hard-hitting, solid tuition for English or Classical Civilisation that not only looks super on a transcript, but also enhances cultural literacy, writing skills, and study habits for years to come.

But my own kids just think it's fun! They make some really good friends, and having an on-line peer group keeps them motivated and challenged.

*Please note: there is a non-refundable registration fee for all main classes of $25 per student, and all discounts apply to the main courses only, not add-on extensions. Sibling discounts are 25% of main courses for second child, and 50% for third and subsequent children. If you register one child for more than one class, we will waive the registration fee for the second and subsequent classes, and include a 10% discount as well.

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