Ancient History

Ancient History: Roman and Greek

The Dreaming Spires Classical Civilization course is the tutor's labor of love: Alison lives, breathes, eats -- and even sings! -- Classics.

She's offering her Roman history course again, where students trace the origins of the Roman Republic from the founding fathers and mothers, then dabble in the era of Caesar (and his little dabble with Cleopatra!), exploring its literature, architecture, and philosophy, and delving into issues of warfare and and worship.

Also, NEW FOR 2017, Alison is offering a second course that will focus on Ancient Greece.

Both are high-quality, honours-level stuff, though the writing component is minimal. As in the literature courses, there is an option to take one's study further with an add-on extension which requires more writing.

Just to give you a taster of what's on offer at this feast of ancient lore and legend:

Please check the tab about fees for the current pricing structure, and the timetable tab for days and times of the courses for next year.

For further information, please contact dreamingspireshomelearning<at>

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